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Common Questions
Who can run a stage?

Anyone can run, provided they're able to maintain an average pace of 11 minutes per mile for the duration of a stage. U18s must run with an adult and have signed authorization.

Do I have to fundraise as well?

Fundraising is not compulsory but we hope that every runner who takes part will set a fundraising target of at least $300. If you do not hit your target you will not be charged. Runners can collect sponsorship pledges via their United Relay of America personal profile page.

Who decides my route?

The first runner to sign up for a standard stage becomes the lead runner. It is their responsibility to plan the route between the start and finish points for that stage.

Can I send a check donation?

Yes, please make checks payable to the United Relay of America Fund and send to:

United Relay of America Fund, Suite B1L, 420 12th Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11215

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