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Oxfam America - What We Believe

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Nearly one out of every three of us lives in poverty. But we see a future in which no one does.

The way we see it, poverty is solvable. A problem rooted in injustice. Eliminate injustice and you can eliminate poverty. We're not saying it will be quick or easy, but it can be done. We won't patch a problem and then disappear. We won't stand by silently and watch others suffer.

Instead, we stand together against injustice. We recognize our responsibility to hold the powerful accountable. We see people's power to change their lives.

It disturbs us that in a world as rich as ours, many of us go hungry or don't have clean water.

Many of us can't claim our human rights.

It's wrong. And together we aim to do what's right. Oxfam America. Right the wrong.

More than 9,000 runners will make their way from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to New York City - not just to be part of running history, but to unite for a better world!

Sign up to run for Oxfam America today!

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