This might not work, but we'll change someone's life for the better!

Be connected, be generous, do something that might not work and change someone else's life for the better!

A triple, non-stop running relay across America has never been attempted before. It might not work. It's not easy. We are attempting to create running history and do it together for causes that we care about.

Whether fundraising for youth education, improving healthcare, fighting hunger, ending gender discrimination, or providing safe homes for orphans - the United Relay of America, in association with AfterShokz, is an event for those who want to make a difference!

We've partnered with the We Are Here Movement, founded by Alicia Keys, which provides you with a 'one-stop shop' to change the world by taking the guesswork out of where and how to give. The movement is a coalition of incredible organizations, causes and campaigns, and you can choose to fundraise for all of them via the We Are Here Movement or choose a specific charity.

Run to make a difference in your home, your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state, your country, and your world!

It is more than a sports event. The United Relay of America brings out the very best in the human spirit. It proves that together we are stronger and whilst I may not know the person handing the baton to me, or the person waiting to collect it from me, we run for the same cause.

Train with purpose, feel incredible about making a difference for a range of causes you care about, make running history, connect with like-minded people and be united for a better world.

Are you here to make change happen?

Yes! Where do I sign-up?